The 11th Hour was developed to inspire the unique healing process within each
individual. Those suffering from trauma can reclaim their lives, continue in their
careers, and reconnect with families and loved ones; without feeling isolation or
shame. Created for Veterans, First Responders, those suffering from PTSD, and
their families. The 11th Hour Retreat’s program offers more individual trauma
therapy than any other program. Please browse our site and explore the therapy
services that we offer.

The phrase “The 11th Hour” originates in the bible and has come to mean ‘the latest possible time
before it is too late’. For many people suffering from trauma or PTSD, they want help but are
unable to do it until it is almost too late. 11th hour retreat has also been a program for those
who have failed in other programs, so we have been the last resort for some. Our program’s
focus on the individual needs and goals of clients have allowed them to succeed here when
they couldn’t elsewhere.

Mission: The mission of the 11th Hour a collaborative program which provides evidence-based
therapies so that first responders, their families and those who have suffered from trauma can
heal in order to live the lives they chose


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