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Don Prince

Passionate about helping first responders

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Meet Don

Don is a person in long term recovery from many years of an alcohol addiction. He is an International Master of Addiction Coaching (IMAC) and a Nationally Certified Advanced Clinical Intervention Professional (NCACIP). He is the father of two amazing children, a husband and has an unparalleled passion for helping others to achieve their dreams and goals in order to excel in life and prosper.
He has been instrumental in opening a select few recovery related businesses and organizations, most recently co-founding the 11th Hour Retreat, in addition to co-founding a first responder specific addiction treatment facility that was exclusive to public safety professionals, opened a hair salon in Delray Beach, Florida which hired stylists in recovery and gave them a new start in a safe working environment and started a recovery coaching and intervention practice that has grown to reach those in need from coast to coast.


Don also served for sixteen years as a firefighter and officer for a large fire department on eastern Long Island and progressed to the rank of Chief before moving to South Florida. Don served for a short time at the World Trade center site in the aftermath of 911 and continues to assist other responders to get the help they may need with addiction, PTSD and other job related issues. Don has worked with and continues to work with such agencies as Miami-Dade Fire Rescue, Fort Lauderdale Fire Rescue, FDNY, NYPD and other public safety agencies both large and small.  Additionally Don also works as a Peer Support Specialist which is a person who has progressed in their own recovery from alcohol or other drug abuse and is willing to self-identify as a peer and work to assist other individuals with chemical dependency.

My Why

Having met my partner and co-founder Rachael by happenstance due to a professional inquiry (she reached out to me to recommend a student of hers to a facility that I was associated with) our conversations turned to talking about the groups of people that we both were working with those being primarily first responder types. We realized that we had the same drive and objectives in mind. We recognized that there is a serious growing need for those men and women who are out there everyday and night to help and save others to get some very specialized trauma resolution therapy in a safe environment surrounded by their peers, facilitated by therapists and staff with the training and experience.
After a few months of planning, consultations with some very prominent professionals with public safety experience, talking with Chiefs, officers, union officials and other support people from fire, police and other public safety agencies from coast to coast and most importantly we talked directly with the men and women in uniform (and undercover) on the street to get their input as to what they saw was needed and would make a difference in their lives, we put together a plan for the 11th Hour.
I can’t tell you how excited I am to be a part of something that I know will transform into the “go to program” for PTSD and trauma therapy for not only first responders but also for their family members in addition to developing retreats for other peer groups such as domestic violence victims or violent crime victims just to name a few.
It has always been and will continue to be my passion to help others in any way I possibly can…the 11th Hour gives me another amazing path to do just that.

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There is nothing quite as powerful as words of praise from a patient or colleague. Here what some of them have to say!

Rachel Starr has a mastery of in-depth emotional therapeutic work. She brings to her clients her experience, skill, compassion, intuition, and commitment. I refer my clients to Rachel for EMDR when they need to process trauma on the emotional and body levels. I trust her to lead them through their journey of healing with expertise and professionalism.

ANNA BETH CARSON, Inner Child Healing Coach

Rachael is one of the most professional, knowledgeable and empathetic therapists I have known in 30 years of going to therapy. I often say i could have shaved 15-20 of those years of money, time and hunting for therapist had I met Rachael sooner. Trauma is not something all therapist are equipt to deal with effectively. Rachael has not only helped me address the root causes of by trauma but also begin to heal from it. Rachael is the best and last therapist I will ever need.

LINDA, Childhood Trauma & PTSD

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