Group Therapy can be a useful tool for helping someone overcome their trauma. Understanding that you’re not alone in your battle and sharing the fight with other people has shown to be very beneficial for certain individuals. At 11th Hour we tailor each group to the people in it to ensure the best chance of success and the greatest amount of healing possible.

  • What makes 11th Hour Groups different?

Groups at 11th Hour are limited to 6 individuals, and we rarely go over 3 per group. We maintain a 1-3 Therapist to client ratio. This means that each person attending gets more time with the therapist, and everyone gets more attention to their unique trauma. What is discussed is moderated by the therapist to ensure that very little if any vicarious trauma. Vicarious trauma occurs from hearing about trauma from another source and imagining it themselves, and we try to avoid this as much as possible. .

  • How does therapy work in a group setting?

Group work is designed to help all the participants heal and grow together.  Some of the therapies used include art therapy, animal assisted therapy, attachment therapy, relational therapy, and Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR). Each group is designed to fit the individuals to help everyone heal with empathy and compassion. Additionally, each person gets three hours of individual therapy, including EMDR, to work on their own issues.

  • Who else will be in a group with me?

It’s impossible to say exactly what kinds of individuals will be in each group. Generally, you can expect each group to have people with similar trauma issues in order to help the healing process. Our different groups are focused on first responders, addiction, partners of addicts, etc.

The mission of 11th Hour Trauma Retreat is to provide an individualized collaborative program utilizing evidence-based therapies so that first responders, those who have suffered from trauma, and their families can heal and live healthy, happy, productive lives.

We are currently offering First Responder/EMS Group Retreats on these dates (we will be adding more):

August 25-29

October 8-12

Our Group therapy program allows individuals to develop self-awareness by listening to others with similar issues and gaining a sense that one is not alone. The group members provide and receive support from others and learn more about what they are thinking and feeling when working with others. Additionally, it provides an opportunity to strengthening your relationships skills, reduce isolation and find your voice. Group therapy can be especially helpful for dealing with trauma, depression, social anxiety and many of  life’s issues.


Our group program includes:

  • Maximum of 6 clients per group, so clients have more personalized treatment
  • Client to therapist ratio of 3 to 1
  • Clients receive a minimum of 3 hours of individual therapy, which includes EMDR
  • Highly trained and experienced trauma therapists
  • All clients are greeted at the airport by 11th Hour staff and lodged in a hotel located close to the 11th Hour office.
  • Meeting our staff and other group participants to learn about the program, expectations regarding participation, respect for each other and staff and confidentiality which is extremely important.
  • Therapies provided

o Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR)

o Attachment Therapy

o Relational Therapy

o Expressive Arts

o Mind-bodywork in the form of massage, acupuncture, and yoga are available (when conditions are safe).


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    12354 E Caley Ave
    Suite 200
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  • Florida Office
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