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The 11th Hour Trauma Retreat is an intensive PTSD/Trauma resolution therapy program specifically designed to help first responders, veterans and their families who have been affected by trauma.

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Welcome to the 11th Hour

The 11th Hour program was developed to jumpstart the healing process so that those suffering from trauma can reclaim their lives, continue in their careers, and most importantly, reconnect with families and loved ones without feeling isolation or shame. Feel free to browse around the site and explore the therapy services that the 11th hour offers.

Why 11th Hour?

  • We offer a pre-assessment process that requires four comprehensive assessment questionnaires. This allows the clinical team to develop a specific treatment protocol for each individual client.
  • Clients receive 10-12 hours of individual EMDR therapy with a trained and experienced primary therapist and approximately 30 hours of psychoeducational groups, process groups and integration therapy.

  • The client to therapist ratio is two to one.

  • Therapy modalities offered include EMDR, attachment therapy, and relational therapy.

  • Our therapeutic staff is licensed and trauma-informed.  Each therapist has extensive training and experience in treating PTSD, including being certified EMDR therapists and consultants, as well as having many years of professional experience working within the fire rescue, law enforcement and veteran communities and their families.

  • Treatment focuses on past events, present triggers and future anticipation so the individual leaves being more resilient to future traumatic events and better able to enjoy their personal and professional lives.

  • We conduct pre and post program evaluations and outcome studies so that we can continually enhance our program.  



The 11th Hour Specializes in the most advanced therapies for PTSD and Trauma. Our Intensives are one to two week programs of intense trauma work. We offer group retreats as well as customized individual retreats by request. Some of the therapies we use are below.

Ready To Begin Healing?

While it is better to call, if you are unable, please fill out the information request below, and someone from The 11th Hour Trauma Retreat will call you. To get more information by phone please dial (772) 475-3334