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Rachael Starr

A therapist who cares deeply about every client

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Meet Rachael

Rachael Starr, LCSW, Certified EMDR, CSAT has earned an Associates and Bachelors in Psychology and went on to graduate from Florida Atlantic University with a Masters in Social Work. Rachael’s unique therapeutic style incorporates trust and affords her clients a safe environment to assist in gaining insight into areas of their lives that they would like to improve or move past. Rachael has been working directly with first responders, veterans, and their families for over 5 years and is currently works with a major metropolitan department in their Employee Assistance Program. Rachael demonstrates genuine care with her empathy, techniques, and compassion. Working with each client to meet their individual needs by using professional and personal experience, Rachael’s goal is to assist in making where they are now to where they want to be a reality.

  • Unique Therapeutic Style
  • Genuine Care and Empathy
  • Believes in a Multi-faceted Approach and Finding the Best Care for Each Client


Rachael Starr specializes in Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), Trauma, Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR), Animal-Assisted Therapy, Sex Addiction, Partners of Sex Addicts and First Responder Care. Treating trauma is where Rachael’s passion lies so she is always looking for new cutting edge therapies and techniques for treatment.  Rachael has recently started incorporating Animal-Assisted therapy in to her approach and has seen excellent results in with her clients.

  • EMDR and PTSD Treatment

  • Sex Addiction and Partners of Sex Addicts

  • Specialized First Responder Care

My Why

PTSD and trauma have been themes of my life since birth. My father, maternal grandfather, and husband all have military backgrounds. Each one of them has PTSD in their own shape and form. Due to my own childhood and past trauma, I, too, have PTSD. Growing-up, I was always curious about why my family members acted and overreacted the ways that they did to simple situations. In an effort to seek help for myself, and to better understand my loved ones, I went to therapy. Talk therapy was helpful in the beginning, but eventually it became clear that it was not enough. I was recommended to try EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing), and it changed my world. I felt renewed, and was finally able to get out of my own way. I also realized how I was going to utilize my strong desire to help others, so I went on to complete my Masters in Social Work. I knew my passion was to help first responders and military personnel. I had the privilege of growing-up with them, and later married my husband, a Navy Seal. I also had the opportunity to work with them as professors, co-workers, mentors, patients, and clients during school. Once I graduated, I went to the first EMDR class that I could find, and have been using EMDR to help heal my clients ever since. However, after a few highly successful months of using EMDR, I noticed that some important pieces were still missing. One of those pieces, I later discovered, was group work with other clients who had similar experiences and backgrounds. Along the way, I have learned that once or twice a week of any therapy is simply not enough, and that there is extra healing power in doing intensive work. These realizations have led me to where I am today

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There is nothing quite as powerful as words of praise from a patient or colleague. Here what some of them have to say!

Rachel Starr has a mastery of in-depth emotional therapeutic work. She brings to her clients her experience, skill, compassion, intuition, and commitment. I refer my clients to Rachel for EMDR when they need to process trauma on the emotional and body levels. I trust her to lead them through their journey of healing with expertise and professionalism.

ANNA BETH CARSON, Inner Child Healing Coach

Rachael is one of the most professional, knowledgeable and empathetic therapists I have known in 30 years of going to therapy. I often say i could have shaved 15-20 of those years of money, time and hunting for therapist had I met Rachael sooner. Trauma is not something all therapist are equipt to deal with effectively. Rachael has not only helped me address the root causes of by trauma but also begin to heal from it. Rachael is the best and last therapist I will ever need.

LINDA, Childhood Trauma & PTSD

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